Virgo Woman

August 23 - September 22


Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman stands in the middle of the action. Everything interests her, every detail wake her attention. Her consciousness is constantly engaged in receiving and processing impressions from the surroundings. She needs to feel safe. The sense of perfection allows the Virgo woman to cope relatively easy with common daily life and its requirements.

Personality Traits

The Virgo women are strict, but they do not lack the necessary sense of humour. They are basically shy. Typical personality traits of the Virgo woman are frugality, caution, attentiveness and diligence. Because the element of Virgo is the Earth, they naturally love flowers and other creations of nature. If you are a man and you are looking for the favour of Virgo woman, avoid harsh words and rude behaviour. Virgo women are partial to good manners and noble class. If you are not well-groomed in brand new and clean clothes, you will certainly not dazzle such woman. Virgo is not looking for the latest fashion trends, but she likes the proven conservative style and good taste. Then she naturally expects the same from her mate.

The proper Virgo is a true lady who always acts with dignity and keeps her emotions under control, or at least invisible to others. She has no illusions. That is perhaps the most surprising personality trait of the Virgo woman, because a lot of men would expect more romantic naivety from this feminine zodiac sign.

Definitely you should not push her and rather wait until she will devote to you slowly step by step. If you will press her to the wall at the first meeting, perhaps you will not get a second chance.

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