Virgo Characteristics

August 23 - September 22



Meticulous sign

Virgos are reliable and accurate. You can see at first glance that they are sticklers with a calm and balanced view of the world. Often, however, they are bothered by inner fears, which disrupt their emotional balance and also digestion. "Have I cooked enough rice for lunch today?" or "Will not John be angry, because I have not invited him yet? I have to clean up first!" Similar questions can really make wrinkles on the Virgo's forehead. This zodiac sign is characteristically full of anxiety.

Background figure

Virgo is usually not very noisy in the public, because people born under this zodiac sign do not feel well at large gatherings. Rather than in the crowded square you will find Virgos at work, where they spend overtime, or in the library, where they study new books about healthy eating or looking for advice on how to better utilize the free time. Virgo can surely have the courage, but it is more or less exceptional. On a party you will find this people most likely aside and watching others. Virgo do not need to show its own strengths in a striking way, theatricality and exhibitionism is simply not their characteristic feature. This zodiac sign is generally well-aware of its real value (even on the job market).

Hardworking and well organized

People born under the sign of Virgo are hardworking and attentive. They have analytical skills and observational talent, even though they do not often give such impression (probably from diplomatic reasons). A typical Virgo is well organized, what can cause problems at work, if he or she has to work with someone, who does not meet certain demands, how to effectively manage tasks. Usually, Virgo will try to help such a person to understand problems better and to do things effectively, what eventually will be benefitial for everyone. But do not want to see what happens, when Virgo discovers that a colleague is a notorious slacker. Diligence and discipline are the notable characteristics of Virgo.

Helpfull and loving

If you are in trouble or if you have too much stress, Virgo will roll up the sleeves and willingly help you. Virgos like the harmony and they appreciate every opportunity when you can bring order into the chaos. He or she do not do it out of vanity or because of flattering, but the reason is the principle, love and inner conviction that the world will be a better place, if others will live orderly and respectfully.

Sometimes too busy

Today's world is often too complex and demanding than to be under anyone’s full control. Virgo is more than aware of this fact. It may happen that you encounter Virgo, which at first glance does not care about the appearance well or does not have neatly arranged all the documents on the desk. Such Virgo is definitely unhappy! Believe me, there must be a crucial problem that she or he solves right now, and that causes neglecting of those matters. The order is natural and characteristic for Virgo.

Thrifty but generous at the same time

People born under the sign of Virgo deal prudently with money and also with the affection to others. Their efficiency, however, may sometimes look as the stinginess in the eyes of others. Virgo can be extremely generous to those who deserve it or to the close friends. But Virgo never wast money or resources pointlessly. Virgo buys only things where the quality and value correspond to the price.


Virgos do not like lazybones, latecomers and people who throw away money on unnecessary luxuries. The delay is always a kind of waste, the characteristic loss of time, so when you go to a meeting with the Virgo, be absolutely punctual.

Helping and determined

Virgo is the type of guest that will help you clean up after the dinner (naturally without having to ask her/him for it). He or she likes to help, but is also able to say “NO”. Virgos do not say it often, but if they express negatively once, it is certainly after long consideration, and it would be very difficult to convince them otherwise. If Virgo say something, it is usually well thought out. Prudence and calculation is very characteristic for Virgo.


Virgo do not want to feel committed and dependent on anyone. They are very independent and many of them remain without the partnership for a longer periods of life.

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