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The love of Virgo and Pisces is deep as the Mariana Trench. Pisces men and women are intuitive and spiritual, while people born under Virgo are precise and „logical“. The love of both is similar to the rain (the element of Pisces is water) giving the moisture to the field (the element of Virgo is earth) where delicious and nutritious rice grows.

Frankly, the love compatibility of men and women born under those zodiac signs is not optimal, but may result in an inspiring friendship or a burning love. Both have plenty of energy which they can give to each other, but sometimes it may cross the borders of expectations. The love of Pisces and Virgo is often strong and thrilling, but also balancing on the edge.

To kiss each other's lips seems to be like tasting the nourishing mix or warm milk with sweet honey. The soul of the Virgo man is soft like the best cushioning in his running shoes, while the soul the Virgo woman is surprisingly hard as the diamond, but polished to an excellent brilliant shape. The Pisces man likes questions that are capable to dig up the buried treasure of knowledge, while the Pisces woman is the queen of dreams. As you see, both zodiac signs have extraordinary qualities and, despite the limited compatibility, they are able to create a love bond, strong and robust as the giant sequoia tree.


The eagerness for sex is one from the indisputable aspects of the Virgo and Pisces relationship. The Virgo likes the ticket to heaven, even though the man (as well as the woman, of course) may look sleekly at first sight. It is similar to the difference between mittens and ordinary gloves where each finger has its own chamber and special care. In matters of sex the Virgo do not want to have any simple and restrictive „all in one“ solution. And that is exactly what the Pisces is looking for. Men and women born under these zodiac sign do not want to be worshipped, but they are waiting for tender and very thorough care. If you are Virgo, you do not have to bow down to Pisces as to the sex symbol. Just be empathetic and attentive, the compatibility in sex may be perfect at the end.

Virgo Pisces Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage of Virgo and Pisces can cause several problems, but generally it is a journey full of motion and colour. If you are a very conservative or peace-loving Virgo, the marriage with a Pisces may be hard to bite for you. But if you are among those, who appreciate free spirit and you also perceive the uncertainty of life rather as inspiring than upsetting, than you are ready for the marriage with a Pisces. Pisces are not keen on having a tight collar around the neck. Therefore the long-term relationship for Virgo and Pisces resembles a piece of art in some sense. It is just up to you if this marriage “painting” will resemble more Palo Picasso and „La Demoiselle d'Avignon“, „The Lovers“ by René Magritt or the really beautiful and romantic Abduction of Psyche by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.


The compatibility in dating is cool! The dating of both zodiac signs resembles the encounter of two types of the literature – Virgo is the prose and Pisces the poetry. No one is better, they are just two different ways how to grasp the reality with words. Pisces have a dynamic character and they like dating very much. Virgo is often more shy and calm.

The Virgo man often has to assume the role of a cat, that is chasing the fish (Pisces) along the stream. On the other hand, the Virgo woman wants to smell the man’s natural masculine scent while dating, because it is more honest than the most attractive but synthetic perfume.

The Pisces man will take you into mountains, because it is the best place where you can prove your resilience and show your woman’s personality traits. The view from the heights of the mountains also uplifts the spirit and elevates the dating to a very unusual experience. The Pisces woman will try to shock you with sharp nails, with a whip in her purse or with pictures from the earthquake area in her mobile phone – but do not make a fool of yourself, that all is only the entry test for the ideal man! The Pisces woman has an original sense of humour. All in all, the dating will certainly not be boring for men and women born under those zodiac signs.

Break up

The union of Virgo and Pisces is based on the compatibility that is predictable as much as the April 1 (the Fools' day). One day starts with love, the other ends with the breakup. However, the man and the woman can be the valuable support for each other for many years. But when cracks appears, usually it is the loud alarm bell, the signal for evacuation before the painful breakup, that seems to be inevitably close. Virgo and Pisces should tackle the breakup unemotionally and peacefully as much as it is possible, because there is a pretty big chance that the big love will end up like the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


The friendship of Pisces and Virgo creates a rare mental bridge, that can connect two different banks of the same river. Unspoken thoughts will move on that bridge from one side to the other quietly and peacefully. Such unusual intuitive communication precedes the practical life, where both zodiac signs may be dealing with other priorities. Only the boundaries of the outer space create the limit, the ultimate frame, of the wide soul of Pisces and Virgo. The man and the woman born under these zodiac signs are suited to be genuine friends. Their compatibility in friendship is exemplary.

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