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The love of Virgo and Leo reminds a royal court. The proud Leo is the visible ruler, the wise Virgo is a shadow minister or a high counsellor. Nevertheless, often the one who is hidden in the background makes the crucial decisions and has the real power. The fact remains, that Leo and Virgo make a compatible and balanced couple. The Love can flourish if Leo is not too possessive and arrogant and if Virgo do not want to push through all her / his ideas.

The joint interest is metaphorically the green „grass“ (the growing potencial), that can make the relation natural and pleasing. It does not matter if the man and the woman are both fans of modern architecture, Reiki, Buddhism and vegetarian food, or if they prefer skying in Revelstoke (Canada), St. Moritz or Zermatt (Switzerland) each weekend. The main thing in the success of their love is the will to cooperate on a life „mission“.

It must not be spoken loudly, but they have to agree intuitively on some elemental goals – do they want to build a house, raise children or just enjoy the slow pace of life, travelling from one destination to another, assigning stars to hotels on Trip Advisor and writing amusing stories on Blog spot? It is up to them. However, the final word is YES, the love compatibility of Virgo and Leo is under usual circumstances pretty good.


The sexual compatibility of Leo and Virgo is quite favourable. Both zodiac signs can find an agreement in the everyday life, but in bed, that is another story. Here they have to unveil each others deep essence. To make sex is not the same as to play chess. The curtain of courtesy rises and you see the naked carnal hunger, the unbridled lust.

When the mist of conventions between men and women disappears, than it becomes obvious, if the love was blind or sharp-sighted.

Problems may occur, but usually both zodiac signs are compatible in matters of sex. The fire and the earth, (the elements of Leo and Virgo) are like the hot magma inside our planet. From time to time you see an eruption on the surface, but most of the material is compact, coherent and creating one common unit. The sexuality is like the gravity – brings the matter together.

Virgo Leo Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The Virgo and the Leo form a solid marriage when they focus on the compatible personality traits and the essence of this rare union. Keywords of the successful marriage are few: the speed – be patient, test each other carefully and do not hurry to the altar; the reproduction – do not forget what is the purpose of the marriage (be mutually supportive and raise children above all); the project – the marriage is not a temporary tasting trip to a foreign region, it is a lifelong project; the concept – the love is essential, but even the solid concrete needs the form first (you can make a statue, a skyscraper or a garage from concrete, similarly you need to have the concept of your marriage to shape your love into it).


There are many surprising moments when men and women born under Leo and Virgo date. Both are spiritually compatible and very inventive when it comes to dating!

The Virgo man is not so poetic as you would infer from his feminine zodiac sign. If he will bring a large bouquet of red roses to the Leo woman, accompanied by the own poem on a silver platter, you can be rightly suspicious and regard him as a bit calculating. When the Virgo woman will date the Leo man, she will try to test his orientation first (Does he know, where is the north pole when just looking on the position of the Sun? Does he know the directionof the capital as the crow flies?). She wants to have a practical male, who will, besides other things, not get lost even in the Mindo-Nambillo Cloud Forest (Ecuador).

The Leo man will not feed birds in the park while waiting for the Virgo woman. Rather you will see him interrupting a quarrel of rude kids, or to planing a new jogging trail on his mobile phone for both of you. The Leo woman is curious about the breadth of your knowledge. She can study the actual trade values of important stocks, the number of accomplished missions on the Moon, or the „Wish You Were Here“ (Pink Floyd) lyrics, when preparing herself for the date with the Virgo man.

You see that the dating compatibility of Virgo and Leo is a reason for joy and excitement, rather than to fear such exceptional event.

Break up

The breakup of Leo and Virgo is often caused by the inability to agree on who will hold the sceptre. Yes, we live in democratic society, but to be honest, when you have to ride a car, only one can hold the steering wheel! And in love (the friendship is a bit different) one has to decide many problems, because the permanent voting is impractical and, frankly, it is also the manifestation of poor self-esteem; not a proof of great responsiveness.

The compatibility of Virgo and Leo has to be balanced to certain extent. The relation of an adored pop star and a humble fan is unsustainable. To avoid the breakup men and women should give up saying „I“ instead of „we“ at least a little. Respect the other and talk about the decision-making openly.


The friendship is often about the proper feeling of security. We look for friends who have similar views to reassure us and to dispel our fears. The case of Virgo and Leo is different. Both are very confident and they are seeking people with distinct ideas, unique and independent thinkers, with which it is possible to lead an engaging conversation.

But, of course, the friendship is not only sitting in a café and talking about the highly sophisticated and abstract issues similar to „how to save the world with the minimal effort“. Virgo is very practical and has no prejudice to friends whose primal interest is „how to roast a chicken“. On the contrary, rather than to flatter to a snobbish peacock boasting with IQ 160+, Virgo will prefer to have a honest and simple Leo to have among his / her friends.

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