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The compatibility in love is uncertain, yet both zodiac signs are tempted to a close relationship. The love of Virgo and Gemini is often wonderful but complicated. The Virgo’s essence, the earth, makes the love heavy and solid, but the Gemini’s essence, the air, will blow away everything what is not firmly tightened to the ground. The Virgo can be attracted by the effervescence of the Gemini, while the Gemini will probably find the practical nature of the Virgo appealing and attractive.

But there is a trap of the possible misunderstanding. The men and women born under those zodiac signs are very different and to fully understand each other in matters of love, it would be necessary, with a slight exaggeration, to have a direct connection of both brains via a cable. Sorry for such banal metaphor. Such straightforward approach in exchanging of informations is not allowed in love. Gemini and Virgo have to rely only on the help of imperfect words.

Nevertheless, the speech of the man and the woman fallen in love resembles the modern dance. You hardly know what will come next, but it is an amazing view!


The Virgo man inviting the Gemini woman for a dinner (or just for a common walk in park) seems to be like the leader scientist in the weather laboratory – he wants to prepare the best conditions for an experiment, but often forgets, that the Gemini woman wants to stay inexact and mysterious, approximately as is the rain in spring. The compatibility and luck in sex is the same story. Honestly the sexual compatibility is very puzzling and unpredictable.

The Gemini man arouses the sexual appetite of the Virgo woman mainly when he does not pretend to be the perfect and reliable lover. The Virgo woman appreciates his artistic talent, entertaining skills and bright mind. However, a goat dressed in brand-name suit remains a goat. And the Virgo woman has special x-rays eyes, which even the Superman could envy, with whom she will scan you thoroughly. The Virgo woman will be sexually attracted to the Gemini man because of who he really is and not because of he would like to be (considering you are not a skinny goat as mentioned in the example above, but rather an elegant black panther).

The sexual compatibility of men and women born under Gemini and Virgo is up for discussion, nevertheless, both zodiac signs can not ignore each other. Staying only distant friends often causes problems to the couple.

Virgo Gemini Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage of Gemini and Virgo is not thinkable without disputes as well as the summer can not pass without few stormy days. The man and woman has to rationally agree on their roles in the marriage. Otherwise they will be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, that can lead the marriage on a false trail. To avoid crashing and sinking the boat of the relationship, the man and the woman need to know precisely, who is responsible for buying of new clothes, nailing of paintings, mowing the lawn or paying of bills.

To enjoy the marriage Gemini and Virgo have to shrug the shoulders from time to time and accept the very different personality and needs of the other. The compatibility in the marriage has to be based on the ability to pull the rope together and not on appreciating the thrill of the battle.


The key moment of the dating is the first touch. Gemini and Virgo are not like the Velcro. To test their real compatibility (and the toughness of the relationship) it is necessary to touch each other very soon. The French habit to gently kiss both cheeks even between friends and strangers is a very wise kind of a ritual. Try to pretend that you come from Bordeaux or Champagne, or at least that you spent several holidays there, and “taste” the other a bit. It is also useful to test the customs of the other. A well behaved man should follow the rules of the etiquette.

Both, Virgo and Gemini, can let you feel the power of the boxing gloves as well as the delicacy and the artfulness of a hand made lace. It is up to you, what you prefer during the dating. Do not hesitate to say no, if you feel that the other is not compatible with your expectations. Virgo and Gemini should rely primarily on the instincts while dating. The natural language and the nice smell is often as important for the mutual harmony, likewise the boiling water is needed for the strong tea.

Break up

Like a noble shirt can be easily ripped up when you move too fast, the relationship of Gemini and Virgo is prone to the breakup when demands of the man and woman are too volatile and diverse. If you feel, that you can not bare more, try to bury your anger in the first place. The brake up is always a solution, the murder is surely not.

Gemini and Virgo should see, that their love is only a drop in the ocean, of course, only if you see it from the distant perspective. The breakup is painful, but you should never underestimate the power of the future. The breakup is usually only the new beginning.


The friendship of Virgo and Gemini is inspiring like the long voyage into the unknown. It does not matter whether you need someone to accompany you on the mission to Mars or just the help with a heavy shopping. The essentially different nature of both zodiac signs is a guarantee, that you will engage your potential in friendship to the fullest, similarly as you would use all your muscles in the 100-metre dash. But stay calm, the friendship of Gemini and Virgo will last much longer. The friendship resembles more an endurance training than a real competition.

According to the friendship compatibility prospects, both signs are predestined to be genuine soul mates, not the rivals.

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