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Virgo and Aries are very compatible in their subconscious expectations of love. The fire, the element of Aries, works like the gravity on Virgo. Men and women born under this conservative zodiac sign are attracted by the open passion, by the refined form of the savage energy which springs from the inside of Aries. The Aries is a dangerous walking weapon of love (targeting on the Virgo, of course), but the majority of men and women are not aware of that fact. The Aries, however, is also lured by the calm nature of the Virgo, that can easily help as the „fire extinguisher“. Virgo often cools the boiling nature of Aries to an acceptable degree.

Just consider a situation: the Aries woman sits on a bench in park fascinated by the moonlight diffused in the fine mist. The Virgo man next to her dryly says: „it is only a rare combination of physical phenomenons, can we continue our discussion?“ And now the key moment comes, it is a touchstone of their love compatibility! Will the woman be offended the man’s cynicism or pleased by the man’s rationality?

Aries and Virgo can form a lasting harmony of love. It only a question of the taste and endurance. It is always difficult to get used to a completely different way of thinking and experiencing the world.


Unfortunately, the sexual compatibility of Aries and Virgo is very dependent on the hormonal curve. If there is a lack of oxytocin (and variety of other chemicals) in your blood,

even the best possible position of the sun may not help you achieve the sweetest and intimate goal of the seduction. But do not despair, statistically there is a pretty big chance you will succeed.

The Virgo woman can be attracted by the Aries man. Although, to persuade her to undress the thick sweater may not be easier than to wheedle a song out of a dead nightingale. Well, enough fun. Some people born under Virgo are excessively afraid of the wild passion of Aries, contrary, some people born under Aries are surprised by the invisible sexy spirit of Virgo. What considers the sexual compatibility, the man and the woman need to overcome the initial dating troubles and shyness. After two or three long kisses it is clear if they fit together like a glove on a hand.

Virgo Aries Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


In 1904 Charles Stewart Rolls met Sir Frederick Henry Royce and the legend was born. Sadly, the marriage of Aries and Virgo is usually not as stunning as the story of the Rolls-Royce Limited. Men and women born under these zodiac signs are prone to project their deep characters into the marriage and therefore it resembles a palace of glass. It is beautiful but fragile.

The compatibility in marriage can be described in terms of the natural laws. Virgo is steady and Aries moving. If Virgo wants to go along with Aries, she or he must adapt to the completely different pace (by the way, to slow down the Aries is also a suitable strategy).

The personality of Aries is like a cactus. It is quite a resilient and admirable plant, but it is complicated to move it or, even worse, to eat it (the Pack rat, the Gila woodpecker or the Lesser long-nosed bat can handle such difficult task, but could you?!) Well, as a Virgo you have to be at least as skilful as all those very clever animals together! Certainly, you do not have to eat your love during the marriage, but to taste a bit is always necessary.


It is said that few Aries man still think that it is appropriate to take possession of the Virgo woman with force, brandish a club and pulling her into a cave by the hair. It is correct to calmly say, that the dating of men and women born under Virgo and Aries looks quite different today. Both are very cleverly testing the desired compatibility of characters while dating. No attacks are necessary.

Virgo is primarily concerned about the ability to maintain some elemental order and tidiness, because Aries is known as a cosmopolitan and uplifting spirit, but often also as a little messy person. Aries, instead, is focused on the Virgo’s spiritual and analytical talents. Such qualities are crucial for the long-term relationship or marriage. They serve as an umbrella in the rain. And, as you well know, the life is not always sunny.

Break up

The sufficient compatibility in love is good not to be mixed up with a 100% guarantee and the additional option of “returning the goods to the seller”. Just a joke. Anyway, the breakup of Virgo and Aries is usually caused by the effort to reach different goals. One would like to maintain the actual status quo, the other is eager to move and improve the career prospects for instance. They want to have new start, a blank canvas that will be painted with future experiences.

The best solution is not to burn everything to ashes. The split of Virgo and Aries should be peaceful. The man and woman can switch the relationship to a common friendship, however, it is something they have to learn first.


When you want to bake a dinner, you need the food and the oven. And when you want to start an inspiring friendship, you have to get the Virgo and the Aries together! It is convenient to avoid the sexual „attractive force“, but it is up to you to set the proper limits. „Rules are made to be broken“ would certainly say few friends with smile.

The Virgo will find the Aries very encouraging. Such friend is better than a fireplace full of wood, when you do not have the box of matches. And the Aries, as a trigger, can deliver exactly such bright energy to the Virgo – it is the spark, the flash of imagination.

The Aries, on the other hand, will appreciate someone to help him or her figuring out what is the best way how to tighten the sails on the ship of life. And the Virgo is often such a humble and knowledgeable friend.

Both zodiac signs are highly compatible in friendship!

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