August 23 - September 22



Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Key features: reliability, accuracy, efficiency, forethought, empathy
Best match: Taurus, Capricorn


Virgos are reliable and accurate. You can see at first glance that they are sticklers with a calm and balanced view of the world. Often, however, they are bothered by inner fears, which disrupt their emotional balance and also digestion. "Have I cooked enough rice for lunch today?" or "Will not John be angry, because I have not invited him yet? I have to clean up first!" Similar questions can really make wrinkles ... (more)


The Virgo man is able to achieve the maximum by his methods and precision. His personality can be easily described as hard-working and efficient. A positive virtue of the Virgo man is also his unique ability to be at the right time at the right place. He has a natural sense for estimating which services will be need and is also able to care about the others. The Virgo man can be a silent helper who does the generally unpopular, but ... (more)


The Virgo woman stands in the middle of the action. Everything interests her, every detail wake her attention. Her consciousness is constantly engaged in receiving and processing impressions from the surroundings. She needs to feel safe. The sense of perfection allows the Virgo woman to cope relatively easy with common daily life and its requirements ... (more)

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